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Real Estate

 Our commercial strategy is based around innovation, with the customer as the focal point, always looking to wow them.

Trinidad Miguel

Both purchasing habits and demand have changed in recent years in the real estate sector. At Grupo Lobe, we have adapted to changed customer demands by introducing new digital tools and through sales experience.

The LOBE Real Estate team has a key role in each project. A study into the demand is undertaken from inception, analysing possible customers and the type of housing sought. Later, we examine other key variables so the LOBE Development department can take decisions on construction feasibility through region-based market studies.

Energy efficiency has also become a key factor when deciding whether to make a purchase; thus, communication about the Passivhaus construction standard – a singular investment by Grupo LOBE – is proving vital to inform clients about housing features, such as comfort, energy savings and quality of life.

Over the course of recent years in our line of business, we have seen that our real estate products sell faster than those of the rest of the sector. The customer values our developments over and above others. This is a consequence of a commercial strategy that is informed by innovation. and achieved by using a customer-focused plan with an intention to always wow them.