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Strategic departments


 Innovation is transversally integrated throughout the organisation. Our message: Evolution and future.

Óscar Aranda

Future evolution in the construction sector must be by technological means that are constantly oriented towards achieving strategic objectives, i.e. delivering a better product to the end consumer.

The change in business model, growth of the organisation and geographical expansion of our company saw the creation of new sections of the business. One of the most significant was LOBE Innovation in 2009, which made us pioneers in our sector.

Nowadays, innovation is transversally integrated throughout the organisation and our message is really quite simple: evolution towards what, for us, the future must be.

Innovation based on three main concepts:

  • People as the driving force behind evolution.

  • The customer as the focal point and recipient of everything we do, putting them front and centre and pre-empting their needs.

  • Technology as the base upon which all else rests.

For this department, 2017 was all about consolidation of the GLOBE Project which, alongside the development of a powerful database, is enabling us to grow ever more flexible.

Intended to industrialise construction processes, this software tool is a technological response that enables the integration of all data from a construction project into a 3D visual medium.