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Strategic departments


 We provide the project with characteristics that mean it can be planned, scheduled and built.

Álvaro Van Horenbeke

The LOBE Architecture department, comprising over 20 architects, technical architects and engineers, is responsible for developing  projects, giving priority to the design and final quality of the buildings, notwithstanding the economic factors that make the development viable.

In order to have complete control over a project and the various disciplines involved, we first create a digital project, providing it with economic information which we take directly from the construction budget for the project.

This department’s work goes further, providing the project with special characteristics that mean it can be planned, scheduled and built.

This is done through the application of four concepts:

  • Standardisation of construction solutions, making construction more industrialised.
  • Communication with companies responsible for undertaking the work, for full definition of the project from the start.
  • Identification of all the elements to be contracted, making planning and scheduling easier.
  • Break-down of work to be performed, providing control over the final execution lead times.

Thus, a comprehensive construction project is obtained, with fully detailed financing and execution, avoiding imprecision which may otherwise cause errors on site and departures from the budget.